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Living in the Bounty of Nature

Mount Hope by Cachet in Hamilton is committed to enhancing the stunning backdrop of the areas natural surroundings, as well as fostering a sense of community for families. Here you will find tree-lined streets connected by walkways to open greenspaces, trails, and a 5-acre community park. Explore the many advantages of living in Mount Hope by Cachet below.

At home in nature
If you are looking for an idyllic place to call home, Hamilton offers the best of small-town living in the closely-knit community of Mount Hope by Cachet. Tucked into the southwest corner, surrounded by the Niagara Escarpment, this visionary master-planned community takes a unique approach to its environment, one that celebrates Hamilton’s affinity for the great outdoors.

The biggest backyard ever
Having a backyard is great; having one that’s 5-acres in size is even better. Mount Hope by Cachet’s central community park will provide residents with their very own recreation area to play and relax in. With ample open parks and trails for families to explore, there will also be space allotted for recreational activities. A variety of modern playgrounds that cater to a wide range of kids alike ensure that play is inclusive for everyone. There will also be a multi-use field for organized soccer or frisbee and ample green space for those who just want to sit out and soak up some sun.

For the wild at heart, the park is surrounded by lush existing woodland and a beautiful pond. Nature lovers, hikers, and bikers will love exploring a network of scenic trails taking them deeper into the green. Plus, there are plans for a re-naturalization of the area to protect and enhance the woodlot by adding native and sustainable landscaping, as well as community gardens.

Perks of park-side living
Having abundant access to the great outdoors is a huge lifestyle benefit. Conveniently located right where you live makes it even easier to connect with all the fun that being in nature brings. Here are a few additional ideas to extend your outdoor living and enjoy your community park to the fullest.

Make the great outdoors your new gym. Fitness is more fun when you’re surrounded by fresh air and beautiful scenery. Hit the trails for an early morning walk or run, cycle along the paths, and ramp up your reps in the grass.

There’s no better place to practice your tree pose than in a park. Nature provides the perfect environment to inspire stillness and calm. Grab your mat and go with the flow of yoga, tai chi, or simply sit and breathe in all the beauty around you.

Whether a play date with your four-legged friend or a romantic rendezvous for two under the stars, picnics in the park offer new ways to spend time with those you love most. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a classic, but we suggest a gourmet basket filled with a baguette and brie.

Grab your camera or sketch pad and cultivate your creative side. Nature is full of inspiration, from plants and trees to butterflies and birds. Capture it all and let your imagination run free.

Get familiar with the outdoors and work from home, outside. Pull out the lawn chair, grab a cold drink, and work on your tan and your spreadsheets.

Hamilton is known for its natural surroundings. From the majestic Niagara Escarpment and Bruce Trail to over 100 waterfalls, a stunning waterfront with beaches and enormous parks with botanical gardens. If you’re looking to experience nature in all its splendour and a little adventure, Hamilton is where you’ll find it all.

Everything you hope for
Above you, beneath you, and all around, Mount Hope by Cachet presents an abundant and aspirational lifestyle enhanced by the beauty and benefits nature offers.

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